Fernando D. Maldonado is a producer and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, NY.  

Fernando graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in Film and Media Studies and English Literature in 2013. He was as a line producer on the upcoming horror feature Dementia 13 and the NY Unit of Xavier Dolan’s English-language debut, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan. He has also worked as a producer leading campaigns with clients such as Google, Mattel, Chase, TIAA, and Spectrum Reach.

Fernando is the oldest of three boys, has a bedspring-induced scar on his left hand, and likes to watch (and read and talk) about movies. 

This is some of his work.

Photo by Nevil Jackson


Agency Work

Game Of Thrones – Austin Activation

2016 / Web Promo / 1min32sec

In anticipation of Game Of Thrones' Season 6 premiere, Google staged a hidden camera stunt in their Austin, TX space to promote their Fiber TV premium services. Upon sitting on the Iron Throne, several unsuspecting visitors were surprised with their own coronation as Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.


Magnet Media


New York Toy FaIr 2016

2016 / Livestream Event / 1hr5min36sec

Livestream from Mattel's exhibition at the 2016 Toy Fair in New York City, one of the industry's biggest conferences. Program showcases new slate of merchandise and features key YouTube influencers. Reached an audience of over 80,000 viewers during live broadcast.

Full Livestream
Case Study


Magnet Media



Mountain Dew
2014 / Web Promo / 1min6sec

Live action spot teasing the debut of Mountain Dew's Kickstart line of energy drinks. Promotes social media campaign in which followers could win a visit from Kicks The Koala.


Magnet Media, with Vayner Media
Associate Producer


4Runner Keep It Wild – Hangout On Air

2014 / Livestream  / 39min43sec

Live demonstration of the Toyota 4Runner on California dessert terrain that features celebrity hosts, influencer guests, and live audience Q&A.

Full Livestream


Magnet Media, with and Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Associate Producer


Web series

how To dine Out

Food Network
2015 / 10 Episodes

Everything you need to know about ordering and eating various cuisines. Series includes episodes covering ramen, barbecue, tacos, and dim sum and features NYC restaurants across the five boroughs.

Series Page


Magnet Media
Associate Producer


Stop Drop & Yoga

Travel Channel
2015 / 10 Episodes

Travel series with an eye towards health and wellness. Episodes follow social influencer Kino MacGregor to San Francisco and New York City, where she practices yoga inspired  by the distinct textures of her surroundings. 

Series Page


Magnet Media
Associate Producer


Maker Camp: Field Trips

2014 / Livestream Series / 8 Episodes

Weekly field trips broadcast live as part of the Make: digital summer camp program, taking viewers behind the scenes of Jim Henson's Creature Shop, Cartoon Network studios, Disneyland's flagship Fantasmic show, and the self-driving car program at Google HQ.


Magnet Media
Associate Producer



FRIENDS WITH NAMES is a group of friends with names like Kyle Erf, Phoebe Lett, Fernando Maldonado, Tom Powers, and Morgan Williams. They have  brunch and make sketch comedy videos together in New York City.


2017 / 2min53sec

Phoebe is more than bummed about being alone. She's kinda haunted by it.


2017 Philly Sketchfest Sketch Comedy Film Festival

Friends With Names
directed / shot / edited by Fernando Maldonado
written by Phoebe Lett
featuring Phoebe Lett, Tom Powers, and Morgan Williams


Millennials for Hillary

2016 / 2min5sec

As Sanders takes a fire extinguisher to that Bern, the millennial voting base has finally come around to endorsing Hillary Clinton. And boy are they thrilled.


Friends With Names
written / directed / shot by Fernando Maldonado
edited by Morgan Williams, Tom Powers, and Fernando Maldonado
featuring Kyle Erf, Phoebe Lett, Fernando Maldonado, Tom Powers, and Morgan Williams



2014 / 1min7sec

Cool Gary, just being cool. No problems here.


Friends With Names
directed by Tom Powers
written by Kyle Erf
shot / edited by Fernando Maldonado
featuring Kyle Erf and Will Duncan


Student work


2013 / Narrative Short / 1min49sec

A young man grapples with the trajectory of his narrative.


Swarthmore College
Final project for Film & Media Studies Senior Capstone

written / directed / shot / edited by Fernando Maldonado
featuring Morgan Williams



2012 / Animated Short / 2min57sec

When Fernando was in 2nd grade, he started collecting Pokemon cards. A bad trade would come to reshape his fundamental understanding of human nature.


2013 Tri-Co Film Festival – Prize for Animation Storytelling

Swarthmore College
Final project for Experimental Animation

written / directed / animated by Fernando Maldonado
featuring Fernando Maldonado, Tom Powers, and Ted Johnson



2011 / Narrative Short / 4min15sec

When his ex seems to take interest in another guy, Dale finds himself thrust into a nightmare confrontation with a new rival.


Swarthmore College
Final project for Advanced Film Production

written / directed / shot / edited by Fernando Maldonado
featuring Andrew Maldonado, Thomas Powers, and Anna Ramos